BestCoast | Services
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BestCoast helps you tell your unique story on video by following  a specific copywriting framework:

  • 01 Story of Why

    This is your story of why you do what you do

  • 02 Person, Problem, Pain

    Who do you help, what problem do they have and what is the pain of having this problem?

  • 03 Amplify

    If that person you serve never resolves the problem, what is the consequence?

  • 04 Story & Solution

    How do you uniquely solve the problem of your Ideal Client or Fan?

  • 05 Transformation & Testimony

    These are the stories of people, fans, businesses you help. How does their world look after they let you help them?

Stuff that…

We help with

  • Videography

    • we can document your day for social content
    • 1 to 4 minute social video for Instagram, FB, LinkedIn, YouTube
    • film events like games, concerts
    • corporate video for founders, startups
    • testimonials
    • restaurant profiles
    • sports team profiles
    • professional profiles

  • Editing

    • Do you already have video footage?
    • Video editing
    • Output to YouTube, Vimeo
    • Instagram, IGTV
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • SD Card
    • Website

  • Organic Campaigns

    • Posting social video content
    • Tagging and keywords
    • Influencer marketing and collaborations
    • Connect with Followers
    • Instagram and IGTV
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook

  • Paid Campaigns

    • Facebook Ad Campaigns
    • FB Messenger Bots
    • YouTube PPC
    • Google PPC
    • LinkedIn Paid and promoted campaigns