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Who Are We?

BestCoast is a video marketing agency.

We tell the unique story of businesses and brands using video made for social media.



What is ViralityVideo?

ViralityVideo is our subscription based videography and editing service. This is ideal for brands, influencers, restaurants, sports teams or anyone looking to create ongoing video content to grow their social media audience on Instagram, Facebook, IGTV, YouTube — even LinkedIn.

We can also produce one time events and quote on these on a case by case basis.


Who We Help

  • restaurants and bars
  • social influencers
  • startups and founders
  • professionals like realtors, lawyers, insurance agents
  • brands and influencers
  • sports teams
  • maybe you?


What is the magic?

We create video tailored for social platforms to tell your unique story.

We do this within a specific copywriting framework.

Together we make it entertaining, fun, educational or just plain old weird if need be.

Maybe we are simply documenting your journey.



Why Video?

80% of content on these platforms wether it be aimed at individuals or businesses – is video.

So using video is an essential tool to get the attention of an audience you need to reach.


What is a campaign?

After we create great content, you can reach your Ideal Client with a campaign.

The campaign reaches your audience and puts your video content in front of them on a social platform where they hang out.

This is either an

  • Organic campaign e.g. Instagram , YouTube, IGTV, LinkedIn or  a
  • Paid  campaign e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube, LinkedIn

This allows the audience to become aware of how you help similar people with a similar problem, so that they can consider if they also want you to solve that problem for them.


Lets Chat about what you need and see if we can help